Aztec (co-written with Mariet van Buuren and Matthijs Vink) removes confounds due to heart pulsatility, rate, rate variation and respiration phase and volume. The built-in parseLog function is built for Utrecht Hospital log files. The correction is partially based on RETROICOR and partially looks for peaks in cross-covariance functions. The effect is rather rigorous, as confounds are easy to get (e.g. higher heart rate in more difficult conditions): its use is for when you want to be more than averagely sure results aren't due to confounds related to heart-beat and breathing biorhythms.

Aztec requires SPM to be in the path. Some small adjustments might be necessary when switching between SPM2 and SPM5. Running aztec without arguments opens the GUI.

Please contact us if you're interested in using the software.

Last update: 24-08-2009. Adjusting the m-file parseLog_system_specific.m should be sufficient to adapt the program to different systems. Manual underway.

Last update: 06-11-2009. Manual added to the zip file. GUI cleaned up. Strange but harmless normalization error removed.