Scripts to run a PPI analysis, using the non-deconvolution approach (cf., O'Reilly et al., 2012). Example of how to use it given below. There's also a simulation function sim_data_PPI.m to test things.

x = dir('swra*.nii'); funcscans = {}; for n = 1:length(x), funcscans{n} = ['Z:\DataLieke\PPIScriptData\xm13101101_3_1\' x(n).name]; end;
onsetsmat = 'Z:\DataLieke\PPIScriptData\onsets_011.mat';
mask0 = 'Z:\DataLieke\PPIScriptData\rAmygdala_L.nii';
movementRegr = 'Z:\DataLieke\PPIScriptData\rp_xm13101101_3_1-0001.txt';

PPI_X = do_PPI_subject('simtest.nii', onsetsmat, 1.5, funcscans, mask0, movementRegr, [1 -1]);