About me

At school I was very impressed by Freud's lectures and Totem and Taboo lying around the local library and this morphed into writing my PhD thesis on cognitive control and related changes in event-related potentials, amplitude and phase-locking in the EEG. After my PhD I took some time to attempt to alleviate a little of my maths deficiency at Utrecht University (which I found had extremely good courses and teachers) while oddjobbing at analyzing electrocorticogram data taken from epilepsy patients before surgery. I then combined various postdoc positions spread over various institutes, where I was able to learn about and (I hope) start contributing to fMRI research and genetics analyses on schizophrenia; automatic processes and implicit measures; experimental interventions for addiction; freezing; and research related to military mental health care. I built on this background to further develop and expand lines of research on the interaction between emotion, motivation and cognitive control and its relationship to mental health. In recent years, this has centrally involved trying to find some solid ground in the field of implicit measures and effects of emotional stimuli on cognition (see Research Notes). I'm currently primarily involved in applied, private sector research, next to continued curiosity-driven projects.

Email: thomasgladwin@hotmail.com
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